Useful information for your cabin holiday in Austria.

How to make sure your holiday is safe, enjoyable and unforgettable

Staying at a self-catering cabin surrounded by nature in the mountains is an amazing experience. So that your holiday in the Alps is guaranteed to be an unforgettable and positive experience, we have put together some useful tips for you below. Preparing well for your holiday is also helpful, so make sure you check the packing list so that you don’t forget anything. Also, be sure to prepare for your journey, which includes the toll fees payable on Austria’s motorways.

A safe holiday
Emergency phone numbers in Austria
When hiking and mountaineering
Dealing with Alpine cattle and wild animals
Self-catering in the cabin
Tips during bad weather
A sustainable holiday

A safe holiday

Before you start your holiday, make sure that you have the necessary vaccine protection. If you are staying in the Austrian mountains, a tick vaccine and a tetanus vaccine are recommended. Your doctor will be pleased to advise you accordingly.

You should also make sure that you pack a travel first aid kit so that you are prepared for emergencies. This should include disinfectant, sports balm, suncream and insect repellent.

Find out about the recommended safety equipment for the outdoor activities you have planned! Also, make sure you save the most important Austrian emergency telephone numbers on your mobile phone – the most important numbers are frequently provided in your cabin, otherwise ask the owner. Also ask them about the nearest hospital.

Many of the Hüttenpartner cabins have a wood-fired oven, so make sure the owner tells you how to use it if you’re unsure!

Open fires are prohibited in the Austrian countryside, and in dry weather, smoking in woodland areas is also prohibited!

Bear in mind the potential dangers in the mountains. Never embark on a walk if there is the risk of a storm. And in the winter, never leave the secured areas to make sure that the risk of avalanches is kept as low as possible!

Emergency phone numbers in Austria

Call 112 to speak to the nearest police station - this number is valid throughout Europe.

Call 140 for the Austrian mountain rescue service.

144 – Rescue service

133 – Police

122 – Fire brigade

120 – ÖAMTC breakdown service and tow-away service

A group snowshoeing
Experience the wonderful landscape while hiking in the snow

When hiking and mountaineering

Make sure all participants are adequately equipped. Durable hiking boots that cover the ankles with good soles, waterproofs, warm clothing, sun cream and the latest hiking maps should all be part of your hiking equipment!

Plan the route for your walk in the mountains in advance using the latest maps and ask local people who know the area. Think carefully about whether all of the prospective participants actually have the physical strength for the walk, and follow the daily weather forecast!

Make sure you bring enough water on your walk with you and make sure your mobile phone is charged before you set off!

During your walk you should always keep an eye on the participants’ progress and make sure nobody is experiencing strain. Be sure to keep an eye on the weather as well! Never take any risks in the mountains!

In the event of danger, seek shelter or turn back! If the weather turns, fog falls, or the trail becomes too difficult or is in poor condition, or someone in your party is struggling, you should turn back. Turning back isn’t a sign of weakness or a shame, it is simply sensible behaviour!

Horses on an Alpine pasture
Keep calm when encountering horses in the winter landscape

Dealing with Alpine cattle and wild animals

When you’re in the mountains and the great outdoors you will invariably encounter animals. Please respect the animals’ habitat. The wild animals native to Austria such as the chamois, deer, marmot, as well as foxes and birds do not pose any threat to people. You, however, can pose a threat to the animals. Protect yourself by making sure that you don’t drop any litter and that you stay to the designated footpaths and pistes.

Take care when crossing Alpine pastures that are home to cattle. The cattle will usually avoid you, but they can also attack you if they feel threatened. Be quiet and calm, and if necessary, give a wide berth around the cattle. The best idea is to skirt the herd or to walk around it, never try to walk through it. You have to be especially careful if you are walking with a dog. Never let your dog off the leash in the mountains!

Self-catering in the cabin

Most of the cabins offered by Hüttenpartner are self-catering cabins with fully equipped cooking facilities – to find out more, please consult the description of the specific cabin. Of course, this means that you have to buy your own food. Here is a list of food products which keep well without refrigeration and are therefore ideal for a cabin holiday:

  • Preserved foods
  • Dark bread
  • Flour
  • Rice
  • Pasta
  • Lentils
  • Beans
  • Potatoes
  • Eggs
  • Salt, stock cubes
  • All spices
  • Onions
  • Root vegetables (carrots, celery, etc.)
  • Leeks
  • A wide variety of fruits
  • Semolina
  • Hard sausage, bacon
  • Honey

Tips during bad weather

Remember that the sun won’t necessarily shine every day. Pack the right kind of clothing so that you can leave the cabin in comfort in poor weather. Also, think about books, board games or possible excursions for rainy days.

Mountain spring water in Austria
Fresh spring water tastes the best © Österreich Werbung, photographer: Fankhauser

A sustainable holiday

Prevent waste as far as possible. When shopping, make sure you don’t buy unnecessary amounts of packaging – plastic packaging is particularly detrimental to the environment. If possible, use recyclable packaging which you can use again many times or which can be recycled easily such as glass.

It is important to dispose of unavoidable waste correctly to ensure the environmental impact is as low as possible. Never drop litter outdoors! Wrap up your litter during your excursion and bring it back to the cabin with you. Separating your waste properly is also important. In Austria, glass, paper, plastics, aluminium / metal, organic waste and residual waste are disposed of separately – as well as hazardous waste such as electrical waste, bulky waste, batteries or medical products. What exactly needs to be separated differs from one municipality to the next, the owner of your cabin will be pleased to assist you!

Use energy during your cabin holiday sensibly and don’t waste it. Don’t leave the heating on with the windows open - this means: If you need some fresh air in your cabin, open a window briefly instead of leaving it tilted for the whole day while the heating is left on. Also, unplug electrical devices when they’re not being used, this is the only way you can be certain that they don’t consume any electricity unnecessarily.

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