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Steiermark Region Murau € 250.- to 6 Pers. Feb. 22. 2020 - Feb. 29. 2020 More
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Oberösterreich Gosau € 1,233.- to 10 Pers. Feb. 29. 2020 - Mar. 7. 2020
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Steiermark Lachtal € 956.- to 8 Pers. Feb. 29. 2020 - Mar. 7. 2020

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A unique vacation in the natural setting of the mountains

Would you like to experience a special kind of holiday in Austria? Then Hüttenpartner is your right point of contact. At the biggest provider of cabin holidays in Austria, you can find up to 300 mountain cabins, chalets and holiday homes of every size and to suit every requirement throughout Austria. From the idyllic Alpine cabin in a secluded spot for two to the holiday home in the heart of the skiing area for 40 guests. From the chalet with a sauna and pool to the rugged log cabin with little more than running water. Find the perfect cabin for your holiday in the Alps - Hüttenpartner has viewed and carefully selected every individual cabin for you. A holiday in a self-catering cabin is an especially economical and individual way of enjoying the natural scenery and the mountains.

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Top offersAll Kuschelhütte zum Super-Last-Minute-Schnäppchen Steiermark Region Murau € 250.- to 6 Pers. Feb. 22. 2020 - Feb. 29. 2020 Show Cabin
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Top offersAll Traumhafte Luxusblockhütte am Skigebiet Steiermark Lachtal € 1,950.- to 8 Pers. Feb. 29. 2020 - Mar. 7. 2020 Show Cabin
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Top offersAll Traumhafte neue Skihütte mit Whirlpool im Skigebiet Steiermark Lachtal € 1,995.- to 8 Pers. Feb. 29. 2020 - Mar. 7. 2020 Show Cabin
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Oberösterreich Gosau

self-catering cottage for 10 people
1 double room, 1 four-bed room
1 six-bed room
2 shower/toilet, sauna
living space: 90m²
altitude: 800m
close to the skiing region, lake
reachable by car
pets are welcome

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Steiermark Lachtal

Self-catering house for up to 8 people
2 three-bed rooms, 1 twin room
cot on request
1 shower/toilet, 1 toilet
living space: 130m²
altitude: 1.600m
reachable by car
amidst the skiing- and hiking area
pets are not allowed in winter
pets on request in summer

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Kärnten Frantschach

Self-catering cottage for up to 5 people
1 double room, 1 three-bed room
1 shower/toilet, sauna
living space: 50m²
altitude: 800m
reachable by car
1 pet allowed

Last Minute
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Steiermark Preg

Self-catering cottage for 4 people
1 four-bed room
cot on request
1 shower/toilet
living space: 50m²
altitude: 1.000m
accessible by car
pets are welcome

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Hüttenpartner service

On the Hüttenpartner website you can also find useful tips and information for your cabin holiday. Find out, for instance, the things you should be certain to you take with you. And also learn about the best way to approach the cattle and the other wildlife you will encounter in the mountains, how to make sure you enjoy a safe holiday, how you can protect the environment, the things you should remember when hiking and mountaineering, what to do in bad weather, and the best approaches to catering in a cabin.

A cabin holiday for everyone

Find out about the advantages of a holiday in the mountains for families and groups, about a cabin holiday with your dog and household pets, and the advantages for allergy-sufferers.

Hüttenpartner service

In the service area you can find information regarding your arrival via the Austrian motorway system, all of the contact details for Hüttenpartner, information about payment and information about our cancellation package which we are keen to tell you about.

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Do you have any questions? Feel free to contact us at any time with our contact form, by email or by telephone: +43 2243 316 89 – Hüttenpartner will be pleased to provide you with information and assist you at any time!

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