The obligatory “Vignette” tax sticker on motorways and highways in Austria

Order the suitable Vignette with your booking

As most of the Hüttenpartner cabins are best reached by private car it is necessary to bear in mind that if you drive in Austria you will need a Vignette tax sticker. These are available at numerous retail outlets in Austria and at motorway service stations before you reach the Austrian border; alternatively, you can order one with your booking on Hüttenpartner and it will be sent to your home address.

Sales prices for the Vignette from 01.12.2022
Validity A Single lane motor vehicle B Car and motor vehicle including 3.5 tonne (maximum authorised weight) mobile homes 

Annual Vignette
1st Dec. Of previous year until 31st January of the following year

38,20 Euro 96,40 Euro
2 months from the date of issue
14,50 Euro 29,00 Euro
10 Day Vignette
0:00 hrs on the punched day until 24:00 hrs on the 9th Following day
5,80 Euro 9,90 Euro
All Vignette prices are inclusive of 20% VAT.

Examples for your holiday

  • If you book a one week holiday then you require a 10-day Vignette per car.
  • If you book a 14 day holiday then you require two 10-day Vignettes per car.
  • If you go on holiday for 3 weeks you have to buy a 2 month Vignette.

An overview of the roads in Austria on which the Vignette is compulsory

For motor vehicles with a maximum authorised mass of 3.5 tonnes, the Vignette is compulsory on the motorways and highways that are coloured in orange.

Motorways map for Austria
Motorways and highways on which the Vignette tax is compulsory in Austria


Well prepared for your cabin holiday in Austria

Find out about the extensive offer of cabins, houses and chalets available through Hüttenpartner and make your choice. Once you have decided where you are going on holiday and how long you’ll be staying, simply order the right Austrian Vignette for your vehicle with your booking and nothing stands in the way of your holiday. Please note that the risk of shipping is yours. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at any time by telephone: 43 2243 316 89 or in writing.

Incidentally, with the Hüttenpartner cancellation package you stay on the safe side.

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