Terms and Conditions

please read them carefully:

1. Conclusion of the contract/booking

Your booking is a binding offer to conclude a rental contract for the selected rental property for the selected period. Due to the lack of further services, there is no package travel contract within the meaning of the PRG. The contract becomes binding for us when we confirm your registration in writing or by email. Confirmation usually takes place via email. If desired, this can be done by fax or post. This usually takes place immediately, unless further questions are required from our contractual partners. 

2. Service Description

The brochure information and the content of the registration confirmation are decisive for our services. All “distances” are to be understood as approximate information and should only give you an approximate impression of the area surrounding the object. It is important to us that many of our properties are located in the wild. Tourist information about the destination is not part of the contract.

3. Payment

3.1 Advance and final payment

Upon receipt of the booking confirmation/invoice an advance payment of 20% of the price in addition to the booking fee amounting to € 25.00 is due immediately. The final payment is due 4 weeks before the start of the rental period. The booking fee is non-refundable in the event of cancellation for which we are not responsible. If a payment is delayed, we are entitled to withdraw from the contract after setting a grace period of 8 days and if you are at fault for the late payment, to claim the damage caused as a result.

3.2 Additional charges

Fees for the individual properties quoted under item "additional charges" are not included in the price and have to be paid directly to the owner on site. In the event of special events the additional charges are to be paid in full and are excluded from price reductions.

3.3 Deposit

When taking over the property, the cabin owner/manager can charge a deposit, which is intended to secure any claims for damages due to damage caused culpably to the rental property or through improper use and to be offset against additional costs. You are obliged to treat the rental property and the inventory within it gently and carefully. You are also required to report any damage immediately. If you culpably breach this obligation, you may be liable for the damage caused. You assume liability for accompanying persons, including minors. The deposit will be refunded after the rental property has been properly returned and offset against additional costs.

4. Occupancy rate of rental property

The residential units may only be occupied by a maximum of the number of people stated in the catalog, unless permission is given for additional people. Children are also considered persons. If the number of people arrive exceeds the contractually agreed number, we can limit the stay to the contractually agreed number of people without being liable to the customer for any resulting disadvantages. If we confirm in writing that there are more people occupancy than stated in the property description, it is usually to be expected that there will be no additional sleeping accommodation or appropriate apartment furnishings.

5. Arrival and departure

Typically, you can take over the rental property from 3 p.m. on the day of arrival. If you have to use local means of transport or lifts to get there, you must comply with their operating times. If the customer fails to fully or partially use the defect-free object, a refund or partial refund of the price paid is not possible. Anyway, the rental property must be returned clean-swept. Usually you are expected to leave the rental property by 9 a.m. on the day of departure.

6. Pets

It is generally not allowed to bring pets along - more information concerning this you will find in the description of the property. Pets must be listed on the registration. It is prohibited to bring more pets than stated when booking. Excess pets can be turned away.

7. Changes in services and in price

If the booked rental property cannot be made available due to circumstances for which we are not responsible, we can withdraw from the contract and cancel the booking. Of course, we will then try to offer an equivaltent replacement object, but we are not obliged to do so. If no alternative object can be found or you do not accept the alternative accommodation, the full travel price will be refunded to you.

We reserve the right to correct errors and gross calculation errors before the contract is concluded. You will of course be informed about this before booking. Deviations of individual services from the content of the contract that occur after the contract has been concluded and that were not brought about by us contrary to good faith are permitted if the deviations are objectively justified, minor and reasonable for the customer.

8. Cancellation 

8.1. No right of withdrawal according to FAAG

The FAGG generally applies to distance selling and off-premises contracts between entrepreneurs and consumers. However, services in the areas of accommodation and in connection with leisure activities are expressly excluded from the right of withdrawal in accordance with Section 18 Paragraph 1 Z 10 FAGG, provided that a specific time or period is provided for the fulfillment of the contract.

8.2 Cancellation with cancellation fee

You can withdraw from the contract at any time before the rental begins by making a written declaration and paying the cancellation fees.

Since it is usually impossible to find a replacement tenant for the huts and holiday homes at short notice, please understand our increased cancellation conditions and rates.

In the event of a cancellation, our claim is:

Until 364 days prior to the rental period we charge nothing

363 until 301 days prior to the rental period we charge 10 %

300 until 203 days prior to the rental period we charge 15 %

202 until 91 days prior to the rental period we charge 20 %

90 until 56 days prior to the rental period we charge 50%,

55 until 35 days prior to the rental period we charge 75%

from 34 days prior to the rental period we charge 90%

Declarations of withdrawal, rebookings and changes in booking become effective on the day we receive the statement in written form. Declarations that arrive out of our office hours are valid not until the beginning of the next working day. Any savings or resulting benefits will be credited. Any savings or benefits that exceed the difference between the rental price and the cancellation fee will be taken into account, but not the booking fee.


9. Cancellation insurances

Please note that we do not include insurances in our services. We recommend to contract a cancellation insurance along with your booking. 

10. Messages

Report any complaints or defects immediately - telephone number: 00 43 (0) 22 43 - 31 689 or via mail info@huettenpartner.at . This is the only way that any defects can be eliminated immediately. The omission of this notification can be counted as contributory negligence and may reduce any claims for damages. 

11. Performance defects 

You can demand a price reduction or terminate the contract if deficiencies in performance affect the use of the rental property in more than just a minor way and no remedial action has been taken within a reasonable period of time. In the event of termination, however, you must pay for the services used less any price reduction.

12. Liability

Our liability, apart from personal injury and breach of primary contractual obligations, is excluded in cases of slight negligence. 

13. General 

All information in our online catalog is as of December 2023. All types of information are provided to the best of our knowledge and belief.

Hüttenpartner Alm- Ski- und Wanderhütten Vermietung GmbH 3400 Klosterneuburg

The law of the Republic of Austria is decisive.


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