Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions as well as the data and descriptions provided in the catalogue are valid on the day of booking and are fundamental concerning the contract. You accept the conditions with your registration, therefore we ask you to read them carefully.

1. Conclusion of the contract/booking

Your booking is a binding offer to close a contract. Making a booking means also to accept our terms and conditions. The contract is binding to us if we confirm the booking in writing or via e-mail. Generally you´ll receive your confirmation via mail, if desired it is also possible to receive it via fax or by post. Usually your booking will be confirmed on the day of booking, unless further enquiries to our contractual partners are required. The law on long-distance- and outwards transactions forces signed contracts between employers and consumers for distance selling and outwards offices. Services in sectors such as accommodation, renting of motor vehicles and leisure activities are according to § 18 Abs 1 Z 10 expressly excluded, provide that there is a certain date or period of time slated for the fulfilment of a contract.

2. Services

Our services are bound to the indications provided in the brochure and in the registration confirmation. Photos in the brochures are only exemplary furniture and equipment which may vary according to the owner`s taste. All "distances" are to be considered as approximate indications giving you a rough impression on the ambience of the property. For us it is important that most of our objects are located in the great outdoors. Therefore spiders, ants, mosquitoes, flies, earwigs and also mice could appear and do not constitute a deficiency. Details in brochures of the place or the house as well as local circumstances not involving the holiday object are not included in the contract and are therefore excluded from liability. It could happen that facilities such as sports schools, restaurants, and so on, may be closed in the early and post season. Booking offices are only operating as agents concluding contracts with us. Their consents or other arrangements are just binding to us if we confirm it in writing.

3. Payment

3.1 Advance and final payment

Upon receipt of the booking confirmation/invoice an advance payment of 20% of the price in addition to the booking fee amounting to € 25.00 is due at once. The final payment is made payable 4 weeks prior to start day of rental period DvP delivering the documents/voucher. With your documents you will receive your voucher containing the key holder´s phone number and address and further useful information. In the event the booking price is not paid in full at the beginning of the contractually agreed rental period the contract is cancelled. As a compensation the adequate cancellation fee according to item 8 in these provisions will apply.

3.2 Revision fee

In case of a booking alteration we charge a revision fee of € 25,-. ATTENTION! Changes of the date or if you would like to alter your booking (e.g. change to another hut) 90 days or less prior your arrival, you have to cancel and then book again (see fees item 8). It is not possible to change your booking to a lower/cheaper person category 90 days or less prior your arrival. Bookings that have been rebooked by the customer must be fulfilled in any case and cannot be canceled. The customer can, however, use a replacement customer. However, until the outstanding claim has been settled in full, the original booker/customer remains the contractual partner and joint debtor. A concluded cancellation package no longer applies to the rebooking.

3.3 Additional charges

Fees for the individual properties quoted under item "additional charges" are not included in the price and have to be paid directly to the cabin owner on site. In the event of special events the additional charges are to be paid in full and are excluded from price reductions.

3.4 Deposit

When accepting the property on site the key holder is entitled to charge a deposit which is designed for accounting for additional charges etc. You are obliged to treat the rental property plus the inventory therein in a careful and responsible manner. You are obliged to inform us immediately if damage was caused by you. You assume liability for persons accompanying you and for minors. The deposit is returned to you after having duly returned the rental property and upon charging the additional charges.

4. Occupancy rate of rental property

The accommodation units are permitted for that much people as quoted in the catalogue, except there is a permision in written form. Children are counted as a person as well. We reserve the right to reject any surplus person. For any damages or inconveniences caused by refusal the client has to take responsibility. In case of receiving a persission in written form for surplus persons from us,be prepared that there might be no additional beds or appropriate equipment and furniture available.

5. Arrival and return

Typically, you can get into the rental property on your day of arrival at 3 p.m and later. You have to adhere to the operating hours of public transport or ski-lifts you are using for your arrival. Defect-free properties which remain unused entirely or partly do not reserve the right to a refund or a partial refund of the paid price. Anyway, the rental property is to be returned clean-swept. Usually you are expected to leave the rental property on your return day by 9 a.m.

6. Pets

It is generally not allowed to bring pets along - more information concerning this you will find in the description of the property. Pets have to be declared on the registration form.

7. Changes in services and in price

Details given in the brochure are binding to the tour operator except of item 2. The correction of mistakes, as well as the correction of miscalculations remain excepted. Before booking you will get informed about that. Deviations of unique services concerning the terms of contract, which occurs after the signing of the contract and which are not caused by us, are permitted if the deviations are negligible and reasonable for the customer.

If the rented object can not be provided, due to unreasonable circumstances we are entitled to withdraw from the contract or to cancel the booking. In this case we try to find an appropriate alternative cabin, even if we are not obligated to do that.

8. Cancellation with cancellation fees

Prior to the rental date you can cancel the contract any time upon written notification and upon paying the cancellation fees.

In the event of a cancellation we claim
until 91 days prior to rental date 20%
90 to 56 days prior to rental date 50%
55 days less prior to rental date 100% of the total price
plus an additional booking fee of € 25,-

Cancellation, rebooking and changes in booking become effective on the day we receive the statement in written form. Statements that arrive out of our office hours are valid not until the beginning of the next working day. The proof of low expending or a low resulting damage from us will be left to you of course.

Covid-19 Pandemie: However, should it be clear from 7 days before your arrival that you are not allowed to arrive due to the restrictions of the Austrian government regarding the COVID 19 crisis (lock down), you of course can rebook or cancel free of charge.

BUT: If 7 days before your arrival the borders to Austria are closed from your country and you have restrictions in your home country, (but our establishments are open) then you would no longer be able to cancel or rebook free of charge, you will have cancellation fees according to our terms and conditions, as mentioned above. You have booked an individual trip in Austria, so Austrian law applies. 

8.1 No-show

No-show situations are those when the client does not arrive at the agreed time. In this case he looses every right of service or of refund of the rental price or of parts thereof.


9. Cancellation insurances

Please note that we do not include insurances in our services. We recommend to contract a cancellation insurance along with your booking. If you need any help, just let us know.

10. Defaults

If the work was not performed at all or just insufficient performed, you have warranty claim. You comply that we provide a free of defects service or to reform the service in an appropriate period instead of being eligible for transformation or reduction in price. Concerning complaints and defects you should inform us immediately, then we can abolish those defects - phone number: +43(0)2243-31689. You have to claim within one month after the contractually planned ending of the rental period. In this case, please contact us.
For defaults whose cause is outside our area of influence, such as war, strikes, lock outs, disturbances, epidemics, sovereign interventions, natural disasters and so on, as well as for defaults within the range of utility services and disposal systems (e.g. water, electricity and other energy) no liability can be assumed, especially if this interruption depends on Acts of God or local climatic conditions.

11. Price reductions

You are only entitled to claim for a price reduction or compensation if you provably informed us or the responsible agency directly about the defect. Furthermore you have to ask for redress. Getting a price reduction implies that the services were not contractually provided. Please contact our contact person in Klosterneuburg: +43(0)2243-31689!

12. Termination of the contract

You can withdraw from the contract if, within an appropriate period, there was no redress provided and therefore the use of the rented cabin was notably hindered. However, the goods and services you made use of, you have to pay.

13. Duty to co-operate

You are obligated to collaborate if defaults within the framework of legal requirements occur, as well as preventing potentially damages, or at least to minimise them. If you do not fulfil these obligations because of your own fault, you are not entitled to get a price reduction or compensations for damages. If you do not report the complaint immediately, there is no possibility for a rectification of the fault and consequently the demand on refund of further damages, which wouldn’t happened at immediate communication, expires.

14. Liability

In case of ordinary negligence our liability is excluded.

15. Ineffectness of individual provisions

The ineffectness of individual contractual regulations may not result in the ineffectness of the entire contract. The same applies for the conditions mentioned here.

16. General

All the information in our online catalogue is in effect with the state of July 2022. Any information is provided according to our best knowledge and conscience but no responsibility is taken for its correctness.

Hüttenpartner Alm- Ski- und Wanderhütten Vermietung GmbH, registered in 3400 Klosterneuburg

Applicable law is the law of the Republic of Austria. Court of jurisdiction for summary proceedings and lawsuits against Hüttenpartner Alm- Ski- und Wanderhütten Vermietung GmbH is Klosterneuburg.

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