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Travel cancellation package

A lot of things can happen before your holiday, which is why we are pleased to offer you a cancellation plan when you make your booking at Hüttenpartner which serves to protect you against financial losses arising from cancellation costs! Cancellation costs can amount to a considerable part of your travel expenses.


 Cancellation package - cancellation contract fees

Travel price up to: Search for the sum in the table which corresponds to your travel (rental) costs and/or the maximum cancellation costs.

Fees: Here are the corresponding cancellation plan fees

Rental Price up to Fee Rental Price up to Fee Rental Price up to Fee
€ 300 ,- € 15 ,- € 2.100 ,- € 105 ,- € 6.000 ,- € 300 ,-
€ 600 ,- € 30 ,- € 2.400 ,- € 120 ,- € 7.000 ,- € 350 ,-
€ 900 ,- € 45 ,- € 2.700 ,- € 135 ,- € 8.000 ,- € 400 ,-
€ 1.200 ,- € 60 ,- € 3.000 ,- € 150 ,- € 9.000 ,- € 450 ,-
€ 1.500 ,- € 75 ,- € 4.000 ,- € 200 ,- € 10.000 ,- € 500 ,-
€ 1.800 ,- € 90 ,- € 5.000 ,- € 250 ,- > € 10.000,- 5% of the rental price

Please note

With groups of over 6 people, the fee is charged with a supplement of 1% of the travel price, with groups of up to 15 people, a supplement of 2% of the travel price is charged. 

Cancellation plan – information

If you cancel a holiday / rental that you have booked, cancellation fees are due (General Business Conditions, point 8). You can protect yourself against these costs with a cancellation plan.

Reasons that justify the cancellation

  • Sudden serious illness, serious health consequences arising from an accident or the death of the person booked or their spouse, sister, brother, child, parents, or one of the persons named in the participant list, which makes it impossible to travel. 
  • The pregnancy of the person booked or one of the persons named in the participant list if travelling is impossible.
  • The unexpected dismissal of the person booked or one of the persons named in the participant list from their employment by their employer.

    Reason for exclusion of COVID-19 pandemic in the cancellation contract!

    Cancellation in connection with COVID-19 are not covered because COVID-19 is classified as a pandemic by the WHO and the Austrian health authorities. There is no cover if customers cannot or do not want to go on holiday because they are high-risk patients or are worried about an infection due to the increasing number of cases. Cancellation reasons that are related to the pandemic are also not covered, such as job loss or short-time work.

Validity of the cancellation plan

The plan becomes valid once the fee is transferred and the completed participant list has been returned. This has to take place 3 working days after the booking at the latest. Please note: We do not issue reminders! The validity ends upon the commencement of the holiday / rental.

What is to be done in the event of a claim?

Please inform us immediately in writing – at the latest, however, 1 day before the day of arrival, and send us the certification to support the occurrence of the claim (doctor’s certificate with diagnosis and/or other documents), but not later than one day before arrival.

Declarations of cancellation are only effective from the day that we receive them in writing. Declarations which arrive outside of our office hours, mentioned on our homepage, only apply from the start of the next working day. The last day to cancel the cabin is 1 working day before arrival.

Attention! Partial cancellations are not available, you have to return the cabin in full and cancel the contract.


  • For cancellations up to 43 days before scheduled arrival, you will be reimbursed the full rental price for the property that has been paid. (The booking fee and cancellation plan fee are not reimbursed).
  • If the cancellation takes place within the final 42 days before arrival, the cost of the holiday will be reimbursed less a deductible of 20% and less the booking fee and the cancellation plan fee.

Plan your cabin holiday in Austria

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